Legrand invests in China for improving lives and sustainable development

Amid deepening cooperation between China and France, Legrand, a France-based manufacturer of electrical and digital building infrastructure, announced its strategies for exploring the Chinese market.


The group is allocating 5 percent of its annual turnover to product research and development. By setting up more R&D centers in China they are promoting technology integration and industrial upgrading across China.


Its factories in China have AI robots, intelligent manufacturing equipment, data manufacturing systems, automatic optical inspection, and other technologies to realize intelligent, automated, and data-driven production. Leveraging the advantages of high-efficiency production, Legrand is accelerating its digital manufacturing transformation and upgrading digital management.


Through the lean management system, the group can share the research, development, and production management experiences from around the world with every Legrand factory in China.


To perform better in localization, the group is adopting a localization management strategy where the management and R&D teams of Legrand China are mainly composed of Chinese employees. Moreover, 100 percent of its sales in China are made in China products.


“We have full confidence in the future of (the) China market. First, because if you look in next five years, China is first country in the world from incremental GDP value. Second, because there are many trends that are positive for our industry: electrification, need for home improvement and renovation, urbanization and finally data centers will continue to grow fast. Legrand China is well positioned to catch these trends,” said Olivier Chaudet, CEO of Legrand China.


On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, the group, which has been developing in China for more than 30 years, has committed to achieving sustainable development, aligning with China’s goal of promoting a low-carbon economy and addressing climate change.


All these actions are in line with Legrand group purpose “Improving Lives”, that summarizes the link of its core business with its role in equipping buildings.


For several years, it has been limiting the use of disposable plastic and paper packaging in products and has obtained an ISO14001 environmental management system certification in more than 91 percent of its factories worldwide.


In Legrand’s production process, while adhering to the restriction of hazardous substances, product environmental profile and the registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction of chemicals, it has continuously reduced waste generation and increased waste utilization to achieve carbon neutrality goals.


“Under the group’s comprehensive corporate social responsibility program, which includes the reduction of CO2 emission by 10 percent each year through energy efficiency, between 2014-2021, Legrand worldwide achieved a reduction of 13 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.” Chaudet said.


He added that end of 2022 Legrand China had equipped our plants with photovoltaic cells, and the percentage of plastic recycled material will reach 15% in 2024


“The Chinese government has created a predictable and higher-quality business environment for foreign-funded enterprises. Legrand has greatly benefited from these policies and increased investment in China to obtain more business opportunities, improve Legrand’s revenue in China and achieve mutual benefit,” Chaudet said.


CEO Legrand China and French foreign trade advisor